Best 6 Ways To Grow Facebook Page 2023

The organic reach of Facebook has decreased. Way, way down. Previously, putting a link on your Facebook page or Instagram account might result in hundreds of clicks. That is no longer the case.

For years, social media referrals have remained at approximately 5% of total traffic. Just over 5% of your Facebook followers will see your typical post. The good news is that social media’s reach is still enormous.

More than 3.5 billion people are active on social media. What is the solution? That is precisely what we will discuss in this essay.

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However, reaching that enormous audience is more difficult than ever.

Best 6 Ways To Grow Facebook Page
Best 6 Ways To Grow Facebook Page

1. Use eye-catching images and videos

Standing out in people’s ever-crowding News Feeds means having visually engaging information. More than 60% of marketers believe visual content is critical to their social media strategy, according to a recent poll.

In fact, postings on Facebook with photos generate 2.3 times more interaction than those without. To put it another way, that’s a huge accomplishment.

More involvement also elevates content in users’ feeds, giving them a wider audience. That’s why your Facebook postings will spread more widely if you use graphic material.

However, you are unable to just publish anything on Facebook. Images and videos of poor quality may hurt your brand’s reputation by making you appear unprofessional.

2. Don’t Build a Fanbase You Can’t Sustain

The hard fact about having a huge fan following is that your reach will be automatically reduced, regardless of how focused it is.

This means you’ll have to put in more time and effort to develop content that appeals to a wide range of your target audience.

A small but highly engaged audience is preferable to a big but unresponsive one. It’s an obvious choice.

3. Drive Facebook Organic Reach By Publishing Evergreen Content

Far too many people fail to use social media material strategically.

Whether your aim is to make income or drive visitors from your Facebook page, evergreen content is the most effective weapon you have at your disposal.

Not only does Google use freshness as a ranking factor.

Relative to a post’s lifespan in the Facebook News Feed, the more recent it is, the better. If you create timeless content, your audience will find value in it for a much longer time. They’ll continue to read and respond to your posts.

Let your followers know that they may go back and re-engage with evergreen content that they’ve previously enjoyed and interacted with.

Because of this, your post will receive more attention and stay in people’s newsfeeds for a longer length of time.

4. Find your best time to post

Even more important than the stuff you share on Facebook is when you post it. Even if you share an outstanding article at 4 AM, your followers won’t see it until later in the day after they’ve already slept through it.

To find out if your fans are online at a certain time, look at your Facebook statistics. Your Page Insights in the Posts area will show you when your followers are most active, so you can plan accordingly.

In addition, you may readily get statistics on your fans’ peak hours if you utilize a social media management system like Falcon.

If you publish when your fans are most likely to be on Facebook, your material will appear at the top of their News Feed, increasing its organic reach.

You’ll have more competition to get your posts viewed by users if you publish during peak hours since more others will be doing the same.

5. Experiment with your posting tempo

The next stage is to select how often to post on Facebook once you’ve found out when to do so.

Posting cadence, like posting times, is audience-dependent. There is no universally applicable answer. Your organic reach is primarily determined by how fast and enthusiastically your followers connect with your material.

As a result, if your company is publishing four times a day and still interacting with its fans, its reach will remain steady. However, if your audience becomes weary of interacting with your material after a single post, you may want to reduce the frequency of your posts.

Try varying your posting frequency to see how it affects your organic reach, and then monitor your Facebook post statistics to see how it changes.

6. Create a Facebook Group for Your Most Engaged Audience Members

Facebook’s primary goal is to facilitate the formation of social networks. Social media’s closest equivalent is a close-knit group.

Facebook groups are used by an astounding 400 billion individuals.

As a member of the community, you have two choices:

Begin a new group of your own.

  1. Get involved in a group that is highly active and relevant to your business.
  2. We’ll concentrate on the first option because it’s the most effective tool in your Facebook marketing toolkit.

With this tool, you can listen to and interact with your brand’s most ardent supporters.


Facebook’s organic reach for companies is like water in the desert. It’s necessary, yet it’s difficult to obtain.

You’ll notice results if you keep trying new approaches, experimenting with your plan, and publishing outstanding content. So stay calm and continue to publish!

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