Organic Instagram growth strategies to build your brand in 2023

Organic Instagram growth strategies: In the almost ten years that Instagram has been active, it has continued to tweak its algorithm and add new features, requiring companies to stay current to sustain consistent account growth.

So, how do you make the necessary adjustments? By experimenting with and implementing new growth tactics. Instagram’s service regulations prohibit services that promote growth through the acquisition of likes and followers.

These fictitious interactions and growth rates will only hurt your account in the long term, and may even result in it being banned.

Organic Instagram growth strategies to build your brand

What Is Instagram Marketing and How Does It Work?

Although it is self-explanatory, there are other aspects to Instagram marketing. Did you realize that a company is followed by 90% of Instagram’s 1 billion users? With figures like these, it’s only natural for your firm to have a presence on the platform.

That being said, there are a plethora of methods to utilize Instagram to sell and promote your business.

The first step is to develop a comprehensive Instagram marketing plan so you know exactly how to take advantage of the site.

You’ll be able to assess if your content and approaches are paying off for your brand once you have a strategy in place.
That’s why companies need an Instagram growth plan that’s both honest and organic. We will discuss the details here today

Create a searchable profile.

Did you realize that there are just TWO searchable fields in your entire profile? Do you notice what comes up when you go to your Explore tab and type in a term like “Fitness Tips”? People that have the words “Fitness Tips” in their USERNAME or NAME fields. At this moment, your description is not indexed.

If it isn’t already part of your username, think about your major keyword (what value are you delivering people?) and put it in the NAME area.

(For example, my user name includes the word “marketing,” yet my name field includes both Instagram and Social Media.) This will make it easier for the proper folks to find you!
Commit to posting every day.

You must publish every day if you want your account to develop. If you just publish every other day, would you still gain new followers? Or just once a week? Yes, but at a snail’s pace. We lose interest in things that don’t progress rapidly, and many of us give up before seeing results.

On Instagram, there are a few “tipping points.” When you reach 500 followers, the rate of new followers usually starts to increase. At 1,000, many people begin to get new followers at a quicker rate. You’ll be able to achieve these goals if you post every day.

Always Be Inquiring

Did you know that when you search for a hashtag on Instagram, the first nine “trending posts” appear at the top of the results page before the chronological feed begins? A large number of individuals see these top postings.

I’ve gained a lot of new followers whenever I’ve been “trending.” We don’t know the mechanism that decides what’s “trending,” but we do know it has something to do with how many people are engaging with those postings.

COMMENTS are a key measure of engagement. Double-tapping (liking) is more common than commenting or tagging someone… So, on each post, always pose a question or require some action to encourage this really useful behavior. The easy it is to respond to a question, the better.

Make use of hashtags.

Each Instagram post may contain up to 30 hashtags, and I utilize all of them! Consider these to be search phrases. These are the phrases that users use to identify relevant accounts to follow in the Search tab.

Make sure you’re there when you’re supposed to be. What exactly are you up to? What is it? Health and fitness, social media advice, wedding planning, baby photos… Create hashtags based on your keywords and use them to label each image.

Get precise about what you do instead of using phrases like #love or #blue. You don’t need to be concerned with hashtags that describe that one image; instead, consider what your entire account is about and utilize those hashtags. If you’re lost, have a look at this.

Make Yourself Visible

Yesterday, you considered hashtags to define your business… but have you considered your target consumer and the hashtags they use on their Instagram photos? Look up these hashtags and spend some time liking and commenting on photographs each day.

I use hashtags like #smallbusiness, #shoplocal, and others to promote small businesses, but who is YOUR customer? What do they care about and post about? To find new consumers, make a list of 5-10 hashtags.

Like at least 100 photographs and provide comments when you feel compelled. Keep track of how many new followers you gain over the next 24 hours.

Promote each other

To increase your Instagram followers, you don’t have to rely just on Instagram. Where else can you advertise your Instagram presence? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Business card
  2. Website
  3. Signage at the store
  4. Signature in an email

Other social media accounts When inviting people to follow you on Instagram from another social network, attempt to go beyond “Follow us on Instagram!” What can they acquire that they can’t get anyplace else on Instagram?

Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC)

Customer-generated content (UGC) is material created by your customers on your behalf.

When they share a photo of themselves wearing their new item on social media, or when they check into your restaurant, etc.

Request it and put it to good use! When your followers realize that you’re promoting user-generated material, they’re more likely to share their photos of your products on social media (everyone loves a shout-out).

You are also contacting THEIR audience when someone publishes on your behalf. UGC fosters community, relieves the burden of having to develop all of your material, and broadens your reach.

Reels from Instagram

Reels, the newest Instagram feature, is gaining traction, and now is the time to make use of it for your business. You’re likely to find a Reels style that fits with you and your unique brand, whether you want to try out dancing routines or just clap in time to the rhythm and overlay text with business ideas.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get your brand in front of new individuals by using reels.


If there is a time to be growing your Instagram, it is now, which is why I am going to present to you what I believe are the most important strategies to be used on Instagram in 2021 to grow your brand’s platform, based on my experience growing hundreds of thousands of followers over the last couple of years.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this text, it’s that you should never stop learning.

Your Instagram marketing approach should never be considered complete. There will always be new post styles to attempt, trends to experiment with, followers to learn about, comments to reply to, and tales to tell.

The term “organic” refers to something that grows in a natural environment. “Grows” is the essential word here.

If you don’t update your Instagram approach over time, it’s already dead. You want to maintain your social media presence active, vibrant, and full of new ideas.

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